Your Attitude Gives You Power…Choose Wisely!

Each and every one of us has a unique sense of purpose in our lives. Our purpose is not about finding, but living in the moment of each and every day, while seeking opportunities to realize that specific relationships and situations are meant to be. Only then can your purpose be truly recognized.

Everyday, I am truly blessed and grateful. I take nothing for granted. It is not always easy to remember this, as our attitude can most certainly get the best of us. However, you must realize that your attitude and how you approach your daily activities within your life will be a strong indicator of how successful and productive you will be in your workplace, relationships, finances and overall emotional well-being.

When you wake up in the morning, do you slump over your bed with a grimace and mumble “Good God…its morning!!” Or do you smile with anticipation and excitement declaring, “Good Morning God!!” Your attitude determines your altitude. How you choose to think about yourself in your life will determine how you will choose to live in it.


2 thoughts on “Your Attitude Gives You Power…Choose Wisely!

    • Nicole Carr says:

      Hello Ify,
      Thanks for your response. Yes, having gratitude within your heart will make it easier to display among others…therefore making it quite contagious! Acts of gratitude can be a quick “thank you note” for someone’s help with a task or a sincere compliment to encourage someone to keep moving. Learning to create win/win situations allows everyone to flourish. 😊


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