Meet the CEO & Founder


Nicole Carr, CEO & Founder of P2P

Nicole Carr is a Long Island native with an extensive background in the educational field. She is certified in special education and educational administration, and has obtained a wealth of experience in teaching, curriculum instruction, professional development training, instructional coaching, teacher/youth mentoring and educational leadership.

In addition, Nicole has a strong desire to focus on the youth as they are our society’s most precious commodity. “Each one, teach one” is her motto when it comes to inspiring and uplifting our youth through education, personal empowerment and leadership.


My Passion

I have a strong passion and desire to help others find their own passion and purpose in life, while living in 100% authenticity.

My Purpose

I strive to educate, motivate and inspire people of all ages who participate and engage in P2P’s blueprint for success plan. This blueprint involves the necessary educational tools and strategies to help people create powerful transformations–both personally and professionally–within their lives.

To learn more about Nicole’s professional background and expertise, click here.

Living each and every day in the moment with a sincere sense of gratitude and a deeper reflection of self will ultimately draw you closer towards your passion…therefore deepening you life’s purpose.   -Nicole Carr 

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord…”  Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)