Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life!

P2P Image 5Dealing with life most certainly will be determined by your deeply-rooted mindset. How you interpret and perceive the daily situations in your life will provide an even greater indication of how you will actually make decisions going forward (both directly and indirectly).

What is your view on life? Do you envision it as a constant struggle, always having to defy the odds, while functioning in survival mode on a daily basis? Or do you see it as a field of dreams, ready to take on what the day brings, yet embracing all of the opportunities that life has to offer? Obviously, there are two very different perspectives, right?

Ever heard of the quote: “Your attitude determines your altitude?”
This means that in order to see yourself become successful in life, you must envision it in advance and BElieve success will be given to you in the midst of your path. Identifying your way of thinking (and doing frequent check-ins) to see how it currently affects the way you function within your life is critical.

Get rid of the “stinking thinking!” That woe is me, I’m a victim mentality only serves as a short term mechanism of avoidance, which does not propel you to move forward in achievement and abundance…it only hinders and stagnates your future goals and opportunities.

The key is to develop an authentic relationship with yourself. In order to be in control of YOU, the feelings of fear and uncertainty must subside. Lack of confidence, low self-esteem and an overall pessimistic attitude can continuously set you back several steps (which can translate into years!), thus preventing you from experiencing new and exciting opportunities that may lay ahead for you.

Begin to speak the desires of your heart into existence! Whatever your passion, seek it out and it will direct you towards the purpose you have always been looking for!

So next time opportunity comes knocking…Just be ready to open the door to receive it!


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