Who’s Permission Do You Need Anyway?

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Action trumps permission.

My friend couldn’t have said it any better. As we were engaged in conversation, my mind went back to thinking about how we often operate as adults.

When we get completely bogged down with life, we tend to function within a world of only maintaining the “status quo.” Society loves to tells us (both consciously and subconsciously) what we can or cannot do.

This form of auto-pilot response forces us to think that somehow, somewhere we need a special kind of permission to try something new or take on a different form of action.

Now let’s think back to our childhood years…a time in which many of us enveloped a unique care-free spirit, oftentimes displaying an unwavering bravery and strength that often made us feel capable of conquering anything in the world.

This mindset gave us the capability to feel like we can do anything that we set our minds to. So think about this: If you are wanting to do something towards improving and/or enhancing your life for the better, who’s permission do you really need? Better yet, why do you need someone else’s permission??

To become successful, you must take action into your own hands. Occupy your mind with those bold, audacious dreams you once had as a child. Fill your heart with those passionate ideas, creative visions and vivid imaginations! Act as if you knew that failure was not an option. Taking small, actionable steps towards a desired outcome will happen as long as we get into the action of doing.

What child-like spirit will you embrace today? What hopes, dreams and desires will you pursue? Share your responses with us below!


2 thoughts on “Who’s Permission Do You Need Anyway?

  1. Melodie says:

    Yes! I remember that feeling all too well. When you would run wide open with no concern about form or how crazy you looked. It felt like I could run forever. Now I kind of drag my feet through life with occasional optimistic spurts and the back to dragging again. But now I am back on an uphill swing. This issue is…how to stay on that uphill pattern and nor lose interest or motivation. That’s my cycle. Motivation until the point of obsession and then boom…nothing. lol!

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    • passion2purposeblog says:

      Hi Melodie,
      That feeling of “motivation until the point of obsession” sounds all too familiar for me as well…and I’m sure for many others out there! I think the key to this is understanding that its not a “final destination” that we should be focused on, but rather embracing the “process” throughout our journey. Every day is a step we can make either to improve/enhance our life for the better. We cannot look back in time–even if it was the day before–and feel defeated. We must pick ourselves back up, look ahead and stay the course; regardless of the bumps, twists and detours that life unexpectedly provides for us!


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